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Expo 2025 «Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations»

Ekaterinburg’s proposed theme for Expo 2025 is: Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations.

The Expo 2025 Mission is to provide an international forum for global debate and dialogue; a space where participating countries, organizations and companies can present their ideas about the opportunities and challenges that innovation presents worldwide.

Ekaterinburg: an Ideal Host City

Ekaterinburg, a world-class centre for science, learning and new ideas, is a modern city and a meeting point of Europe and Asia.

Education and culture

Today Ekaterinburg is:

• The center of advanced technology and science;

• The intellectual center that allocates 24 institutions of higher education, 89 science research

funds, a regional office of the Russian Academy of Science;

• The international center for global cooperation that ranks third in the country by the number of consulate representative offices. The city of Ekaterinburg is in committed and cooperative

relations with 14 sister-cities of 9 countries, with more than 300 branches of leading international companies residing in the city;

• The center of international business tourism distinguished by hosting mega-events, such as the Summit of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, INNOPROM international industrial exhibition, Ural Industrial Biennial, First World Congress for persons with disabilities;

• The polyfunctional cultural center with 50 museums showcasing unique collections, a modern film studio and more than 30 theatrical and cultural establishments well known in Russia and abroad.


As a dynamic economic hub, Ekaterinburg has experienced a rapid growth of commercial office space, residential housing, business centres, sports facilities and shopping and entertainment centres.

Ekaterinburg is the beneficiary of a robust and diverse economy, consistently rated as an attractive place to do business. It has hosted major international conferences and conventions, and is home to representatives of more than 400 multinational companies.


Ekaterinburg’s economy was built on heavy industry, machine building and mining. However, the city today enjoys an increasingly diverse economic profile, including machinery, food production, chemicals, vehicles, publishing and printing, energy services, light industry and services, as well as knowledge-based industries such as education, research and technology.


Currently, the city boasts more than 100 hotels, roughly 1,563 restaurants, and a public transportation system that serves all city districts.

International Business and Trade Support

Ekaterinburg is a popular venue for international financial and business events –outperforming Russia’s other large cities in many social and economic indicators.

An average of 20 foreign businesses are launched from Ekaterinburg each year which only reinforces its position as a growing hub for international business and investment.

To facilitate an international presence, Ekaterinburg is home to consulates representing more than 20 countries.

Indicative of its business-friendly environment, for the past four years Ekaterinburg has been included the Top 10 list of Forbes Magazine as one of the best cities for business in Russia.

Ekaterinburg has hosted several important international diplomatic events, including the first BRIC Summit (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in 2009, a meeting of the heads of states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and INNOPROM, the Ural International Exhibition and Forum of Science & Technology. The Sverdlovsk Region is one of the largest centers for international exhibitions and MICE events in Russia. Every year the region hosts over 500 exhibition and congress events including 250 of international and interregional scale. Ekaterinburg, the region’s capital, has been actively expanding its role as one of Russia’s leading host cities for international onventions, trade shows and exhibitions, as well as a hub for word-class sporting events. The city hosts more than 100 business conferences annually. Turning to sports, in 2015 Ekaterinburg hosted the World Youth Handball Cup, the Junior World Hockey Cup and the European table tennis championships. Moreover, Ekaterinburg will be one of the Russian host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.